Happy Hands is a hands-on interactive class for you and your little ones to learn simple signs using fun songs and stories, many of which will be familiar to you.  Each week we will learn a couple of new signs and give you ideas of how to use them, setting you and your little one up for success with communication!
We already use gestures in our everyday lives, often without realising. Using signs with your child helps with both their understanding, and later on, their speech and language development. Our babies and toddlers are able to sign long before they are able to formulate words meaning that they can communicate their needs and wants at a much younger age, sometimes from as young as 6-8 months old!
Signing with your baby/toddler has so many benefits:
🔍 able to communicate their needs from an early age
🔍 improves the relationship between little ones and the people who care for them
🔍 lessens ‘temper tantrums’ as children can communicate their needs and wants and feel listened to and understood
🔍 research shows that signing improves spoken language development
With over 40 years combined experience of Makaton and baby signing, we have seen first hand the benefits of signing with both our own little ones and those we have cared for. It genuinely makes our hearts happy to see them using their signs with happy faces.  We are so excited to bring this fun class to our local families.
We recommend our Happy Hands class for families with preschoolers of any age, the earlier you start the better! Classes will run every Tuesday morning at 10.30am in the Brownie Hut, John Street, Helensburgh.