Our Classes

All of our classes are hands on interactive classes for little ones and their grown ups.  Our classes are held in the Guide Hall, John Street, Helensburgh with the exception of our Happy Hands class which is currently held in LCI Dance Centre, 41 West King Street, Helensburgh.

Photo of coloured rice in sensory play tray with scoop captioned exploring sensation through explore a story sensory play sessions Messy play sessions by Explorer Tots Helensburgh


This class will provide a range of sensory experiences for little ones to explore with their grown-ups.  Each week, carefully selected activities will be themed to our story of the week.  If, like me, you are a parent/carer who loves the idea of messy play but would really rather it wasn’t in your own house, then this is the class for you!

Strip your baby/toddler down to their nappy/vest, or borrow one of our coveralls, and let them discover a whole new world of sensations.

You might even get some ideas to try at home!

We recommend our Explore-A-Story Sensory Play class for little ones under 5.

Classes run on a weekly basis and are booked as a 4 week block at £28 for the 1st child, we do offer a sibling discount.  Please book for 1 child and contact us so that we can invoice separately to apply a sibling discount.

We may occasionally have drop in spaces available, please keep an eye on our facebook page.

  • Recommended age – 4 months to 5 years

  • 1 hour session

  • Tuesday Mornings

  • 4 week block

Photo of a collection of Makaton symbols for nursery rhymes captioned exploring communication with Happy Hands signs songs and stories Explorer Tots Helensburgh baby signing classes


Happy Hands is a hands-on interactive class for you and your little ones to learn simple signs using fun songs and stories, many of which will be familiar to you.  Each week we will learn a couple of new signs and give you ideas of how to use them, setting you and your little one up for success with communication!

We already use gestures in our everyday lives, often without realising. Using signs with your child helps with both their understanding, and later on, their speech and language development. Our babies and toddlers are able to sign long before they are able to formulate words meaning that they can communicate their needs and wants at a much younger age, sometimes from as young as 6-8 months old!

Signing with your baby/toddler has so many benefits:

 – able to communicate their needs from an early age

 – improves the relationship between little ones and the people who care for them

 – lessens ‘temper tantrums’ as children can communicate their needs and wants and feel listened to and understood

 – research shows that signing improves spoken language development

With over 40 years combined experience of Makaton and baby signing, we have seen first hand the benefits of signing with both our own little ones and those we have cared for. It genuinely makes our hearts happy to see them using their signs with happy faces.  We are so excited to bring this new, fun class to our local families.

We recommend our Happy Hands class for families with babies/preschoolers of any age, the earlier you start the better!

Classes run weekly and are booked as a block of 4 classes at £16 per child.

  • Recommended age – birth to 5 years

  • 45 minute session

  • Thursday mornings

  • 4 week block

  • Includes drink & snack

Photo of Mum with newborn baby during mum and baby yoga class Explorer Tots baby and toddler classes Helensburgh


Our *Parent and Baby yoga class is a perfect chance to get in a bit of me-time with yoga for you combined with massage and baby yoga for your little one.

The first half of the class focuses on the parent with a chance to relax and stretch out the body, easing those aches and pains that are common among new parents. Carefully selected yoga postures, suitable for post-natal mums, will be used to rebuild strength in the body appropriate to each individual’s stage of recovery. No prior experience of yoga is necessary and modifications to all postures are possible if required. This is a gentle class with an emphasis on relaxation and a slow rebuilding of core strength.

The second half of the class focuses on the babies using infant massage and baby yoga sequences which can soothe common ailments such as digestive complaints, wind and colic. Baby yoga is fantastic for helping little ones explore movement, promoting co-ordination and building muscle tone in a way that is suitable for their own age and stage of development. We will cover some great alternative ways of giving our babies ‘tummy time’, much loved ‘magic poses’ for those fractious moments and, of course, classic baby yoga aeroplanes!

*While this class is advertised as ‘Parent and Baby’ with an emphasis on post-natal yoga, over the years of teaching this class, I have had the pleasure of welcoming dads, grandparents, aunties and family friends along to the class. The adult portion of the class is suitable for anyone and the smiles and giggles from the babies makes it a lovely experience for all.

Classes run weekly and are booked as a 4 week block at £28

  • Recommended age – 6 weeks to pre-crawling

  • 1 hour session

  • Thursday mornings

  • 4 week block

  • Includes drink & snack

Photo of Baby being massaged by Mum at infant massage and reflexology class in Helensburgh Explorer Tots Helensburgh


Our Infant Massage and Reflexology class is suitable for babies up until they are starting to crawl, classes will run as a 5 week block with each session focusing on massage on a particular area of the body and a related reflexology routine.

Massage and reflexology go hand in hand giving parents the tools to choose between the option of a whole body treatment or an on-the-go foot treatment depending what fits into your own routine.

Classes run weekly and are booked as a 4 week block at £28

  • Recommended age – newborn to pre-crawling

  • 1 hour session

  • Thursday mornings

  • 4 week block

  • Includes drink & snack

What Parents Say

“I found the baby massage class so helpful, I felt that it helped me develop a closer bond with my baby and knowing how to help my baby when they were unsettled gave me more confidence as a first time mummy”

Zachary's Mummy

“I take my baby girl to the mum and baby yoga class and it’s our favourite time of the week.  It’s a lovely friendly class that allows mums (and dads) and some time for the babies.  We always leave feeling relaxed and happy.”

Sadie's Mummy

“Lovely classes, very relaxed atmosphere and a chance for mums (and dads) to socialise with others going through the same experiences, as well as get some exercise and time to relax (and have a laugh).  My baby loves the classes and they give me lots of ideas of ways to entertain her outside of classes.  For me, the class is a lovely weekly opportunity to forget about everything else that is going on in my life for an hour and take some time just to concentrate on me and my baby.”

Iona's Mummy